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"Jesus Communion Mission is a dynamic way of growing as faith-filled disciples of Jesus Christ and as effective agents of the Gospel in our modern world. This is the vision I hope will set our hearts on fire and be our inspiration." (Archbishop John Bathersby on the occasion of the Synod Promulgation on 27 July 2003)

Jesus, Communion, Mission - Vision of the Archdiocese of BrisbaneWe are Catholics who:

  • Embrace the person and vision of Jesus
  • Build Communion with God and others
  • Engage in Christ's Mission in our world

These three dimensions are integral to our life as Church and remind us that our faith is anchored in Jesus Christ, who draws us into communion with God and one another and sends us forth in mission to live, share and proclaim the good news of the Gospel in our everyday lives.

The Jesus Communion Mission vision was identified by Archbishop Bathersby during the Synod process in 2002-2003 and made the focal point of the Synod promulgation in July 2003 along with the nine archdiocesan priorities (PDF 1.34MB) adopted.

The Jesus Communion Mission vision and the nine priorities then became the foundation for Let Your Light Shine Vision, priorities and planning for a vibrant local Church which the Archbishop and the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council prepared as the vehicle to take the fruits of the Synod forward into the life of the Archdiocese.


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